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Service Configuration

Kubernetes Service resources are created depending on configuration values.

Product Section

Default yaml defined in the product services section. The example found in the pingfederate-admin section is:

    servicePort: 9999
    containerPort: 9999
    ingressPort: 443
    dataService: true
    servicePort: 7600
    containerPort: 7600
    clusterService: true
    servicePort: 7700
    containerPort: 7700
    clusterService: true
Service Parameters Description
services Array of services
services[].{name} Service Name. (i.e. https, ldap, admin, api)
services[].{name}.servicePort External port of service
services[].{name}.containerPort Port on target container
services[].{name}.ingressPort Port on ingress container (if ingress is used)
services[].{name}.dataService Adds to a ClusterIP service with single DNS/IP
services[].{name}.clusterService Adds to a headless service with DNS request returning all IPs

The example above will create a container/service/ingress that looks like:

  +-------------+               +-----------+              +-----------+
  |  Container  |--(9999)-------|  Service  |-(9999)-------|  Ingress  |-(443)---
  +-------------+               +-----------+              +-----------+

  +-------------+  (7600)       +-----------+ (7600)
  |  Container  |--(7700)-------|  Service  |-(7700)
  +-------------+               +-----------+