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Release Notes

Release 0.9.2 (June 02, 2022)


  • Updated default global image tag to 2205.
  • Added support for providing a null securityContext for a workload, which is useful for OpenShift security context constraints.
  • Added support for enabling Ingress for pingdirectoryproxy and pingdatasync.
  • Updated pingdirectoryproxy to be a StatefulSet by default in the Helm charts, with the persistent volume disabled. This supports having consistent proxy pod names.
  • Added a new privateCert.format field, which can be set to "pingaccess-fips-pem" to generate a cert that can be used by PingAccess when running in FIPS mode. The cert is generated by a temporary PingAccess initContainer, as PingAccess requires a specific format for certs when in FIPS mode that must be generated from PingAccess itself. Leaving the field blank or setting it to any other value will generate a cert in the same manner as before - adding the key pair to a PKCS12 keystore file.
  • Updated the externalImage values section to expect the same format for image: as the individual products (repository, image name, tag, etc. are provided separately). If no image values are specified for an externalImage, the corresponding defaults from the main product section will be used. For example, if global.externalImage.pingtoolkit.image is empty, then the values from the top-level pingtoolkit.image section will be used.